Club Rooms

We are pleased to announce the completion of our new facilities, social rooms, change rooms and kitchen area.

These state of the art facilities are sure to benefit our club and allow us to promote and build our strong and proud club.

With glass doors and windows (protected by steel shutters when not in use), what better way to sit back, relax and watch two Box Hill North Super Kings CC games at once.

Our canteen and bar operate during licensed hours and we maintain correct up-to-date food and beverage accreditation.

There is plenty of space for match day, with four change rooms, storerooms and umpires rooms.

Cricket Nets

Completed in Oct 19, our club has exclusive access to 4 lanes of brand new nets. The nets are installed with the latest artificial turf which produces high performance results during training. The nets also have rubber sheets surrounding the batsmen and high roofs to ensure top level safety.

During training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will utilise these nets as well as run match like simulation training on our main ground. Having access to such facilities is a huge benefit for our club and a foundation for what should be many futures successes.


Re-Surfaced Grounds

At our home ground Elgar Park we have two ovals, a SE and a SW, that host regular games during the cricket season. These ovals have just completed a full upgrade to now have brand new surfaces and state of the art drainage capabilities.

This is wonderful for our club and the community of people that use these grounds as the surface is level, tidy and has no muddy or hard patches.